Helen Louise Solberg                      acoustic guitar, vocals
Inga Margrete Aas                           viola da gamba







13 August 2018                              w/ Jan Martin Gismervik, Utsira lighthouse, Utsira (N)



11 February 2018                           w/ Jan Martin Gismervik, Biermannsgården, Oslo (N)  (double bill w/ Morgonrode)
27 January 2018                             w/ Jan Martin Gismervik, Fritt Fall, Kulturhuset, Oslo (N)
7-27 January 2018                         Leveld Art Centre, Ål (N)
14 June 2017                                  w/ Jan Martin Gismervik, UPOP, Fosen (N)
13 June 2017                                  w/ Jan Martin Gismervik, Galleri Blunk, Trondheim (N)  (double bill w/ Cone)
25 May 2017                                   w/ Jan Martin Gismervik, Fuglen, Oslo (N)
19 September 2016                      w/ Jan Martin Gismervik and Hans P. Kjorstad, Cappelens Forslag, Oslo (N)
6  September 2016                        w/ Hans P. Kjorstad, Music Lovers Records, Gothenburg (S)
3  September 2016                        w/ Hans P. Kjorstad, Øykjelykkjesetra, Vinstra (N)  (opening for Valkyrien)
11 September 2015                       w/ Jan Martin Gismervik, UNiK, Oslo (N)
25 June 2015                                   Trænahallen, Træna (N)
25 June 2015                                   Artscape Nordland, Husøy, Træna (N)
5-12 October 2013                         Via del Pino, The Lyric Writers Fund, Florence (IT)

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by Helen Louise Solberg         code by Marte Sollund